Web & social media support with ❀️


We’re a small but mighty web and social media team who can act as your in-house digital marketing department. We have the ability to manage everything from high-level content strategy down to the day-to-day of writing and building your social media presence.

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Social media & Web strategy

If you’re looking to redesign your existing web presence or starting fresh, this package is a great jumping off point to get clear on your goals, discover your target market’s online behaviour and preferences, and create an action plan to connect with them in a valuable authentic way.

Monthly web & Social media maintenance

Every entrepreneur and small business needs a web and social media presence. But not every entrepreneur loves managing and engaging with their audience consistently online. Lucky for you, I do!

Training & Workshops

Am I doing this right? What hashtags should I use? How often should I post? I hear these questions all the time from the hands-on entrepreneur who likes to manage all aspects of their digital marketing. All you need is a little guidance and training from an expert.